About 20-20 Vision

Following the success of 20-20 Vision in Dublin, we have decided to bring the event to Cork. CIOs, IT Managers and Business Leaders are invited to attend 20-20 Vision in Cork, an event you can’t afford to miss! Set your course for the future as Ergo explains how a new wave of technology can help businesses compete and succeed.

The challenge for every organisation is to stay competitive and drive business advantage despite unprecedented economic turmoil. In these difficult times, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has become a major enabler. Properly aligned to the business it can deepen customer relationships, improve business processes, and drive employee productivity.

The last decade has seen a significant shift in the way technology is delivered and consumed by businesses, a trend that looks likely to accelerate in the next 10 years. So much so that organisations need to start thinking about tomorrow today and put in place the building blocks that will secure their future.

With the help of guest speakers and partners — Microsoft and HP — Ergo will explain how to turn ICT into a service that’s an asset not a headache, explore the cloud, look at utility computing, find out how out-tasking can achieve real business transformation, and look at new ways to engage with customers.

We will paint a picture of the future that harnesses new and emerging technologies. Used properly, they will ensure on-going profitability and provide some certainty in uncertain times.